How Strong Is Your Social Media Presence?

There has been a lot of talk about social media (particularly in the real estate) industry lately. I have been approached more often lately to give my opinion(s) on this formidable force and how it affects businesses in every industry.

Below is a new interview just released in Bisnow on the importance of social media, let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me a tweet!


As attention spans diminish, top industry execs must focus not only on short- and long-term, but in real time, and embrace the immediate impact that social media platforms can have on their business.

Nickerson People Relations founder Lisa Nickerson says social media is still not fully utilized by many business leaders, who are accustomed to the more traditional way of conducting business. Speaking on panels, tweeting and sharing photos can still be uncomfortable for seasoned executives. Lisa regularly deals with this kind of client anxiety, and provides solutions for minimizing these fears, with the goal of establishing the client as a thought leader, controlling the message, and promoting and protecting the brand of both the individual and their company.

She gently reminds her clients that although they may not use social media, their clients, customers and employees are likely active on these channels. Nickerson believes in an integrated strategy, and social media is an important tool in communicating and building brand loyalty with constituents. The integrated strategy takes many forms (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and video), ultimately providing relevant content to those important to a company’s longevity.

Nickerson and her team deliver successful plans for brokers, developers, construction executives, architects, landlords, property managers, single and multifamily residential projects, and more.


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